Grabbing junk food seems to be the easiest option to the kids when it comes to hunger.The situation worsen when they are sitting at home, watching T.V. or playing video games.Grabbing a packet of chips or coke seems to be the easy and tasty option to them.
The easy availability of  junk food screw up the aim of healthy lifestyle.

The big reason to worry is that overweight children have high risk of becoming overweight adults.
It increases their risk of developing diabetes and Heart problems later in life.
The best person to determine weather your child is overweight or not is your child's doctor.
It can be determined through the child's height and weight and measuring the BMI

If you have an overweight child ,its very important you talk to them and make them understand about the health concerns and be supportive by motivating them.

Here are few tips to fight childhood Obesity.

1. Lead by example.
start exercising,running,swimming and take your kid along.Make it a fun activity.
Make a habit of keeping an apple or any other fruit  in your bag.this will come handy when the  child is hungry anywhere anytime. 

2. Drink water.Many a times our body gets dehydrated and confuse it for hunger when actually it needs water.

3.Make an effort to reduce the time your family spent in front of T.V. or sedentary activity.

4. Adjust portion size of the food according to age.Do not overeat.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetable so it will keep you full for a longer time.

6. Limit eating out,specially at Fast food joints.

Make sure you see a nutritionist if your child is obese to get the right guidance.

Dr. Deepika Malik

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